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riverbottom Ranch


I'm incredibly blessed to be able to take the majority of my portraits at the incredibly scenic 300 acre ranch where I and my family live. Located 10 minutes east of Sanger, California, Riverbottom Ranch is a special piece of property. Home to thousands of oak trees, we also have a creek, a pond, the King's River at our back border, and oak forest home to families of deer, a bamboo forest, and 150 acres of farmland. To say that we have a variety of beautiful outdoor photo locations is truly an understatement. We also use the property for a variety of other reasons. Scroll below for some photo examples, as well as links to our other services here at Riverbottom Ranch.

Chris and Emily Teasers-4.jpg


Riverbottom Ranch has over 7 spaces and close to 8 acres of 

beautiful outdoor spaces where we host weddings and events.

Have your ceremony in front of the creek, our pond, our hidden

grove, or the spacious back yard overlooking the bluff. Our 

newly renovated bridal suite comes with every rental, and we 

offer rental options for those interested.



Montana Online Class Promo-8.jpg

My wife Montana hosts a variety of yoga classes here on the property. Whether you're looking for a beginner class, a restorative class, or something a little more advanced, she's got 

you covered. She also hosts online classes for those who prefer to join in remotely. Click the link below for more info.

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