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If you made it to my page on purpose, thank you for stopping by! If you happened by on accident- fantastic! My name is Devin Clement, and I am a photographer from the small town of Centerville, just outside of Fresno, California. And by small, I mean really, really, small. I take portraits of all types, ranging from family sessions, to graduations, events, headshots, and every type you can think of. I also shoot weddings and engagements for people both local to the Fresno/Clovis/Sanger area, and afar. I love connecting with people, and I love capturing memories, and I can't wait to meet you!

Hello there!

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Portraits You'll Love Forever

A portrait session should always be two things: fun, and memorable! Celebrate your life- whatever the occasion, with a portrait session that you'll love and remember. It doesn't matter what you're choosing to capture, I'll be there with you every moment to make sure that you have beautiful, unique photographs to enjoy for years to come. Couples? Check. Graduations? Also check. Corporate headshots? I'll be there dressed to impressed along with you and the company. Birthday parties? Umm...yes please! Let's make some magic together. You bring the magic, and I'll bring the camera.

There's no day like your big day

Your wedding is soon approaching, and there's excitement, joy, and love in the air. Congratulations! There's always a lot to manage - and worry about- when it comes to planning a wedding, but making sure you're getting amazing photos shouldn't be one of them. That's where I come in. We'll be there together throughout every stage of the event, and I'll be capturing every moment for you. Traditional weddings, off-the-wall weddings, themed weddings- all are fair game. I'm up for anything you are! I'll keep you comfortable- and sane- and you can focus on the ceremony and celebrations.

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