The Perfect Bohemian Bedroom

We are lucky to live on a beautiful ranch in the heart of the Central Valley along the China Creek Slough.

Our home was designed  in the 1950's by my great grandparents and I am the 4th generation to live in it.

The home itself is very long and open, with over 50 windows. Our home is more glass than it is brick. 

The Sun Room, our photography studio is now being transitioned into our bedroom. 

With a beautiful view overlooking our pond, and lots of open windows, I decided to make this my new early summer project. Follow my journey as I find the perfect items and designs for my new bohemian paradise!  


 My room didn't come out looking like any of these, but they served as wonderful inspiration. Like many people, I live on Pinterest, and all of these screen shots are from there. I have a headboard very similar to the one in photo 2 and I'm really feeling the colorful bead spread. I love the plants in photos 2, 3 and 5. I will list some Amazon links to similar plants, both real and faux.  I adore the curtains in photo 4 and the wall decoration, along with the ones in photo 6. I am really feeling the macrame curtain & the dream catcher as well from photo 5. The wicker chair was obviously the inspiration for mine along with the wicker foot stool on the end of my bed.   

My Bohemian Bedroom Project


The room itself has always been one of my favorite places. It's so open and warm. The angles make what seems to be small space have more room than you would expect. My biggest challenge was that this was a very impromptu decision, and I had to make do with what I had in my home.   


This Project is FAR from done. I still have so much I want to do & add! 90% of this furniture was already in my bedroom. The floor chest came from living room, the white wicker chaise was outside. The gold tables were originally in my photography studio along with the sandy shoji screen next to my bed.  

Make Your Bedroom a Bohemian Paradise

Step 1: Tapestry or Curtains

Depending on the style and size of your room, Ombre Mandala  Themed Tapestry Or Curtains are an essential part in giving your room both color and aesthetics. The geometrical patterns and vivid colors help ease a racing mind, making your space more relaxing and warm.    

These curtains make you feel so safe and warm in your bed, along with the plus sides of privacy, protection from bugs, and adding a closed off space within your room making it feel bigger. 

The Brighter the Better

Step 2: Wall Accents

From plant hangers, to swings, wall tapestries, curtains or any of the many amazing things you can do with this beautiful art, a splash of macrame is always a must- have for your bohemian space, bringing in a natural vibe to any wall, corner, window or doorway.   

Did Someone Say Macrame?

Sweet Dreams

Dream Catchers are great wall accents that bring more geometrical feng shui to your space, and are also used to keep away bad vibes 

Step 3 Lighting

Bringing in the right kind of light to your room is essential when creating your spaces overall aura. Light strings are great for bringing attention to those colorful tapestries and other decorations, and can be moved around with ease.  

Let the Light in

Step 4 Bed Accents

Comforters, curtains, pillows, throw blankets and even plants can help revitalize your sleeping space. Whether you enjoy splashes of color or a coordinated theme, having the right kind of bed accents really play a big role in creating a calm and positive space 

Bed Curtains

Comforters & Throws

Do you dream of Duvet? Or do Quilts calm you? Maybe you're a hot sleeper and a throw blanket is all you need. If you're like me you have all 3, and two of them are constantly on your bed. Finding the best blanket for comfort and decoration is a huge part of optimizing your bohemian bedroom 

Step 5 Furniture

Book shelves, side tables, desk chairs, floor cushions, futons, ottomans, are a few of different pieces that can really tie your space together, make it welcoming and comfortable.  


Fancy the flexibility of floor cushions? Or, do you prefer the accessibility of a futon? Chaise or Ottoman  seating is crucial to giving your room that sectional space factor, creating a nook or chill corner in your room.

Book Shelves & Desks

Having a place to keep your books, papers and electronics is key if you don't have a study or library and need organization and efficiency.. Book shelves and desks are a great place to display decorative accents.

Step 6 Plants

Bringing greenery and life into your space in can bring a very natural and fresh feel to your space. If you are using real plants you will also benefit from oxygen flow in the room and a fresher fragrance.   

Step 7 The Small Stuff

Zen Gardens, crystals, candles, art, salt lamps, rugs, even books and fresh fruit can be used to fill in an empty space, add a splash of color, or add the finishing touches in tying your room together. Whether its 1 piece or 15, its great to have these finishing touches